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All personal client information shall stay confidential between trainer and client. I understand the confidentiality of each client's information is extremely important. Information regarding body composition, training location and medical information will not be disclosed to others.


All cancellations of any scheduled appointment must be made within 24-hours of the appointment time. Those neglecting to cancel 24-hours prior to the scheduled time are subject to pay the full price of the appointment. Any cancellation of a scheduled appointment made within 24-hours of the appointment will still be charged.


If a client wishes to terminate services, a formal request must to be submitted before or after a billing cycle. Requests submitted during a paid cycle will go into effect when that cycle ends. If training must end during a paid cycle, all expenses are due to LivMooreFit and the client will not be reimbursed for sessions in that cycle. LivMooreFit cannot administer refunds.

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