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Inside Swaps: working out at home!

If you are stuck inside your home, with no workout gear around, here are some simple swaps to help you intensify your workout -

1. Fill a backpack

This is probably the easiest way to add some addition weight into your workout. Find a backpack and add some heavy items into it. These could include canned goods, water bottles or anything nonbreakable. Wear the backpack while doing squats, push-ups, cardio, etc. You can modify weight distribution by holding the backpack or lifting it, depending on the exercise.

2. Get elevated

Find a ledge, chair or stool sturdy enough to support you. Intensify your workout by turning your push-ups into decline push-ups by elevating your feet. Prop one foot up to turn any leg workout into a single-leg isolated movement. A ledge or stool is also a great tool for cardio by performing box jumps, toe taps or step ups.

3. Get a partner

If you have someone else at home with you - dog, baby, husband, sister, roommate, etc. they can add to your workout. If your additional person is small, like a baby or dog, hold them closely (AND SAFELY) to your body as you do squats. If you have an addition adult with you, use them for tension. Have them add pressure to your abs as you hold a plank. Or ask them to hold your ankles as you do Nordic curls. There are tons of at-home partner workouts on YouTube to explore.

It can be challenging to create a workout plan on your own. In addition to in-person training, LivMooreFit also offers online training. Inquire about online or at-home training, or email .

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